DISC – Effective Communication – Your Team – Potential and Existing Customers

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DISC – Effective Communication – Your Team – Potential and Existing Customers

The training will help you find answers to the following questions:

Do you want greater efficiency for yourself / your team?

How to work with someone who is completely different from you?

How to break the negative atmosphere in the workplace?

Do you want faster results?

Do you want to make better decisions?

Do you want others to notice your achievements and expertise?

Do you want to persuade others to your ideas?

TRAINING will allow you to identify

What motivates you

Who gives you energy? Who takes it away?

Preferred surroundings

Who do you prefer to work and with who spend your free time with? What to talk about?

The preferred method of determining both professional and personal goals

How do you want to achieve professional goals? and how to achieve  personal ones?

How will it be possible to achieve your goals


The preferred way to communicate with you

The preferred way of communicating with others

The biggest concerns

Areas of human interaction that would need to be changed to improve relationships with others


Duration: 1 day (6 hours)
Training Date: according to arrangements
Price: 300 PLN (23% VAT) 1 participant / corporate clients and institutional individual pricing
Price of training for Coactive clients: 270 PLN (23% VAT)
Dress code: casual / casual elegance